Static Image Concepts

“So will I turn her virtue into pitch, and out of her own goodness make the net that shall enmesh them all.”

Quote is to long

Concept 1:
Desdemona is in a white gown to signify innocence. Her gown melts into a pitch version of herself which is below her.. This version is the ‘goodness gone wrong and the virtue that is pitch. The pitch Desdemona is grappling with the white clad Desdemona and therefore the goodness that ‘turned’ on them all. This will be on black to signify the net or trap that encloses them.

Concept 2:
Desdemona is in the middle of the page with her arms wide and a white dress flowing from her arms and body. On the left arm the white gown drips into pitch signifying the the virtue turning into pitch. On the right arm her gown turns into a net covering Othello, signifying the net that shall enmesh them all.

Concept 3:
Desdemona white gown, above a black slimy version of herself. Her white gown turns into ‘pitch’, drips onto the quote and runs onto the pitch Desdemona. This signifies the “so I will turn her virtue into pitch”


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