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The quote ‘so will I turn her virtue into pitch’ is used to convey the theme of appearance vs reality. This is because Iago manipulates Desdemona so that her virtue appears to be pitch. I made this static image to show the audience how Desdemona is depicted by Iago as an evil creature however in reality she is virtuous and honest. This static image displays an innocent Desdemona standing on top of lago’s hand. Iago’s hand is green and scaled. The scales represent a serpent, and a serpent symbolises cunning, and evil. The hand is larger than Desdemona as he is in control and she is helpless to his actions. The green portrays the jealousy and envy he feels. Desdemona’s innocence and virtue is represented by a white gown. This gown (virtue) is dripping from her self and gradually turning into pitch, this is shown by the drops turning darker and darker. Her arms are open and she is looking away to show her trust and obliviousness to Iago’s manipulation. In this static image Iago’s manipulation of Desdemona can be seen as he is holding her up which makes Desdemona trust Iago but he is collecting Desdemona virtue and turning it into pitch. This pitch drips from his hand and creates a false, evil Desdemona. This false Desdemona is an opposite to the true Desdemona as her gown is pitch, heavy and black where the true Desdemona’s gown is virtuous, flowing and white. The pitch version of Desdemona is shown to be desperate and eager by the reaching hand. She is backed by a pale dull yellow that symbolises sickness. The sickness represents Othello’s mistrust and ill thoughts about Desdemona that are created by Iago’s manipulation. Desdemona’s shoes are orange as orange is the opposite to green and represent the difference between Iago and Desdemona. The quote is black words on white to symbolise the difference and clashing of virtue and pitch.